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Pepper and Eggplant babies

Transplanting Pepper and Eggplant

Once the Peppers and Eggplants get to their second set of real leaves, I move them to larger pots.   This will build bigger and more robust root growth which will get them off to a good start once they are put out into the garden.   Once the young plants are transferred to larger pots, they are then put back under the lights in a warm room.   They will be left there for about a week to get them acclimated to their new environment.   I will then move them into an outdoor cold frame assuming the weather is not too cold at night.   You should also provide some shade on those very sunny days and venting on the green house so that they don’t get too much sun or heat.   I have a max/min thermometer in the cold frame.  During our sunny days which hit the high 60′s we could get in the 90′s in the cold frame.  this is much too hot for the young seedlings.

Remember, Peppers and Eggplants are much more sensitive to low temperatures than tomatoes. Eggplants the most so.  If you plant out your peppers and eggplants when the soil is too cool, it can greatly slow their growth and sometimes for eggplants I’ve had them not ever recover.   It is much better to delay your planting out until the soil is warm and hold off the plants in cold frames.   About 60 degrees is a good number.   They will catch up, don’t get too anxious.

Transplanted Peppers and Eggplants under lights


3 comments to Pepper and Eggplant babies

  • I have a bell pepper plant about 2 years old, you can call it a bush. It is in the ground. it’s about 5 tall and it is just full of peppers this year. they are not as large as the year before. But they are sweet. I use them mostly for cooking. The base or trunk is about an 1 1/2 in diameter. I am in SE FL. It does not produce in the summer, but it goes crazy in the fall and spring. I can send pics if you like.

  • Gopi


    This is really awesome. Are you going to have the eggplant/peppers for this summer as well?


  • wilditalian

    Yep. these are the young plants which I’ve now planted out in the garden. The warm weather looks like it is here to stay ( at least I hope so) and so they are out in the cruel world. We had some very hot days this weekend. I gave them extra water to make sure their roots didn’t dry out. They seem to have come through it very well.